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Edition 1.

Anyone Purchases FIREWORKS VERSION 1 will also get the following at NO additional cost.

Automatic 5.00 discount on ALL future editions of FIREWORKS CD-ROM's

FREE news / updates on upcoming editions of the FIREWORK CD-ROM's

PLUS a special discount on the upcoming release of a special CD-ROM that contains nothing but MOVIES MOVIES and more MOVIES of every type of firework, explosive, and pyrotechnic imaginable! YES literaly hundreds of video clips of awesome sights. All clips will be catagorised, by effect or devise and will be ready for you to use in your favorite computer programs, projects or hell, just send to a friend or family member on the internet!

As stated before this first edition of FIREWORKS is a basic oversite on fireworks with funmultimedia experiences in the industry, I can already tell by the awesome responce from YOU the PYRO public that the future editions of FIREWORKS strongly focusing on the diferent types of firework and pyrotechnics will be a big HIT!

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