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The ilistration below is animated and shows the diferent  parts of a shell to include the Report segment

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Edition 1.

This CD-ROM is a must have for the serious firework lover, This first edition is primarily an overview in pyrotechnics and fireworks, with a good focus on building round Ariel shells plus an overview on what makes fireworks work and a good segment on "spiffing up" the common class C fireworks!

The future editions will begin to focus on the different types of Fireworks i.e.: a version focusing only on rockets, one on inserts & components used in exotic shell making, or even possibly an edition dedicated to lance work! and they to will be packed with hands on footage, images and animations to!

This first edition of which has just been released contains over 50 video clips of fireworks, explosives, and pyrotechnics. Including a few instructional clips with Dr. John Conkling of the American Pyrotechnics Association! It also contains some of the higher moments of a few of the firework "GODS" like Grucci, Zambelli and Pyro Spectaculars Fireworks.

These CD-ROM's are to provide a fun multimedia experience that focus on what we all love most.

The price for this first CD-ROM is 35.00 and is defiantly a must for any pyros bookshelf.

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This is a ilistration taken from the program, it is a animation of how the stars are positioned and ejected from a candle.

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