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There can be few artists who relish the thought of their work being destroyed. For the " fire works " of Robert Bradford, however, destruction is the name of the game. These monumental pieces, once conceived, are designed in collaboration with the professional pyrotechnician, filled with fireworks and other incendiary devices, and then given a send off fit for a viking warlord.

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" Headworks at the Leadworks " Bristol City Centre.


Bradford's studio at spike island is like a small aircraft hanger and reflects the scale of some of his work, which can take up to three months to compleate and could set you back anything from 1,000. to 15,000. His giant orang utang, "Ursula", is about to go into the zoo, joining his " living " Lizard. He is currently working on a 30 foot eagle whose spectacular demise was to have been the finale to a performance of the " Firebird " by the RPO at longleate. However, the promoters pulled the plug so it is undergoing refinement, making it suitable as a permanate installation - offers are invited. Born in South London on a undisclosed date ( " Im not telling you " ), robert studied painting at Ravensbourne art college in Kent and subsequently film and TV at the RCA in the late "60s. After pursuing a career as a painter in London, he came to  Bristol following the break-up of his marriage seven years ago. As if sculpture and painting were not enough for one life, he also manages to run a psycotherapy practice.

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Robert Bradford
With " Ursula "

" Dragon of the trees "
Bristol Zoo at 3 Months.

Could your art be seen as a kind of therapy ?